We Do

Dalberg Catalyst exists to co-create and actively accelerate systems solutions that have a tangible and durable impact on the pressing societal and planetary challenges of our time.

We tackle challenges with agility and accountability, doing what it takes to drive transformational change.

We prioritize solutions that combine:

  • the systems approach that complex problems require,

  • building from local contexts, amplifying local voices,

  • intellectual rigor, openness, and humility, and

  • critical actors who collectively bring the capacity and legitimacy required to shift the paradigm and implement the necessary solutions.

Our Mission
& Focus

Global Health

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How We
Create Impact

Proactively Initiate Change

We catalyze forward-leaning action with critical actors when an emerging paradigm has reached a tipping point and we see an unprecedented opportunity for needed shifts.

Sample initiative: Preventing Pandemics at the Source, Dalberg Catalyst’s flagship initiative originated with a series of closed roundtables amongst actors in global health and conservation, to map and plan actions to help prevent the next pandemic by intervening at the point of spillover of viruses.

Incubate Systems Orchestrators

We host, and partner with, seasoned leaders-of-leaders who have the skills, relationships and legitimacy needed to orchestrate systems work and act as neutral brokers for transformation.

Sample orchestrator: Jamie Drummond (founder of the advocacy organization ONE)  orchestrates a global network called Sharing Strategies, which enables exchange of “intelligence with intent” and helps global leaders align on key areas of action needed to achieve the SDGs and climate goals.

Accelerate Strategic Programs

We occasionally agree to sponsor and co-create / co-govern programs of work that come our way, if those programs can contribute to multiple agendas of interest to us.

Sample program: SDG Leadership Lab, a leadership development program that equips country-level leaders in the UN system with tools and approaches for systems thinking and adaptive leadership; we support this program because we believe “systems thinking” is a critical ingredient to solving complex issues.