We Do

Our mission is to bring to life a portfolio of multi-stakeholder initiatives that address some of the world’s most pressing problems. While all social challenges are important and interrelated, we primarily work on current and emerging problems that we believe are the most urgent to address – ones that will lead to repercussions on a global scale without swift action.

We thoughtfully consider whether challenges have sufficient scale to benefit from the energy of the Dalberg Group, what the implications are if no action is taken and, finally, whether there is room for a more effective solution. Our work is concentrated within five focus areas: climate and environment, global health, freedom and dignity, jobs and livelihoods, and food systems.

Our Mission
& Focus

Global Health

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Food Systems

Climate &


Jobs &


Freedom &


How We
Create Impact

Agenda-Setting Initiatives

We ideate, design, and launch silo-breaking multi-stakeholder initiatives that move the needle on complex systems problems.


We sometimes serve as an incubator for nascent social impact initiatives aligned with our mission but conceived outside our organization. 

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

We host systems-changing social entrepreneurs as they build impactful multi-stakeholder initiatives.