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Who are we?

We are proactive problem solvers.

Dalberg Catalyst exists to co-create and actively accelerate systems solutions that have a tangible and durable impact on the pressing societal and planetary challenges of our time.

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We are

Co-Creating Visionary 

About Us

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What do we do?

We've entered an era of converging crises

Siloed and short-term efforts will not result in the impact we urgently need on a global scale. Converging crises require  — and also create urgency for — an integrated systems approach.

From preventing spillover of zoonotic disease and thereby the next pandemic, to re-positioning Africa as a vanguard for climate restoration rather than victim of the climate crisis, we are co-creating initiatives that translate urgency for change into actions and results. 

How do we work?

Dalberg Catalyst was founded to take on the toughest problems of today – and tomorrow.

As an independent non-profit, we integrate diverse partners and capabilities, building on the Dalberg Group’s world-class problem-solving capacities and global footprint with 2+ decades of accumulated experience and networks spanning 110+ countries.

Featured Initiatives

Background image: NASA, Great Exuma Island, The Bahamas. 


This photo features prominent tidal channels breaking through small island cays in the Bahamas. Small tidal changes on the banks cause great quantities of water to flow daily through the narrow channels between the cays, first in one direction and then the other. The darker blue sections are the deepest parts of the channels, where the water flow has cut through the rock ridge.

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