Who are we?

We are proactive problem solvers.

Catalyst was founded to amplify the impact of the Dalberg Group. We harness 20 years of Dalberg’s expertise, knowledge, and skills to create, design, and deliver our own solutions from start to finish.

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Catalyzing Groundbreaking Initiatives

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What do we do?

We take on the toughest problems of today – and tomorrow.

We develop solutions to systems problems that have massive implications for our collective future, and we work primarily within five focus areas.

How do we work?

We leverage the power of coalitions in our work across the globe.

We work with values-matched partners from ideation to scaling. We don’t operate under old paradigms of international development; instead, we recognize that our biggest problems are truly global in nature and require collaboration across silos.

Featured Initiatives

Background image: NASA, Great Exuma Island, The Bahamas. 


This photo features prominent tidal channels breaking through small island cays in the Bahamas. Small tidal changes on the banks cause great quantities of water to flow daily through the narrow channels between the cays, first in one direction and then the other. The darker blue sections are the deepest parts of the channels, where the water flow has cut through the rock ridge.