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Sonila Cook

CEO, Dalberg Catalyst

Sonila Cook is CEO of Dalberg Catalyst, and a member of Dalberg’s Board of Trustees. In her role at Dalberg Catalyst, Cook is a practitioner of systems thinking. She works on issues that cut across silos and require coordinated leadership from multiple types of actors. She spearheaded the creation of Preventing Pandemics at the Source, an initiative that brings together leading health and conservation actors to help address the root causes of pandemics.

Cook was previously a Partner at Dalberg Advisors. She joined Dalberg’s founding team in 2003 and played critical roles in the early growth of the Firm, including establishing the firm’s Environment Practice, and serving as the Director of the New York office. She has advised leading foundations, multilaterals, governments, companies, and nonprofits on strategies to enhance their impact on some of the world’s most pressing global challenges. Her clients have included the Rockefeller Foundation, New York City Government, Human Rights Watch, UNDP, Swiss Re, Unilever, and the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery.

Prior to joining Dalberg, Sonila worked for McKinsey & Company. She holds an MBA from Columbia University and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Harvard University. She has spoken at various fora including the World Economic Forum and the Council on Foreign Relations, and her perspectives have appeared in publications such as The Guardian and The Economist. Sonila serves on the Board of the Rainforest Alliance.

Sonila Cook
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