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Robyn van den Heuvel

Director of Special Projects

Robyn van den Heuvel is the Program Director for the Climate Smart Forest Economy Program (CSFEP), a multi-organisational program that aims to unlock the full climate potential of forests and forest products, starting with mass timber in construction. She manages the implementation of the program, coordinating across a diverse set of stakeholders to ensure timely delivery, while ensuring all activities align to the vision and mission of the program. With 15 on-the-ground initiatives around the world demonstrating the potential of sustainable forest economies, Robyn balances locally-grounded solutions with global expertise and networks to create nuanced, relevant insights to drive decision making.

CSFEP is incubated by Dalberg Catalyst, an independent non-profit creating initiatives to solve the most pressing societal and planetary challenges of our time, where Robyn serves as the Director of Special Projects in the office of the CEO. Before joining Dalberg Catalyst, Robyn has worked across many Dalberg entities, including as a consultant in Dalberg Advisors and as the Innovation Fellow for the Dalberg Trust, supporting the Chairman and Executive Director for the Dalberg Group. Most of her professional career has been focused on land use and renewable energy in the Global South, particularly on finding opportunities for net new green jobs to drive sustainable climate solutions.

Robyn holds a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pretoria.

Robyn van den Heuvel
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