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Rada Dogandjieva

Associate Program Director - Nature-Based Systems

Rada Dogandjieva is the Associate Program Director - Nature-Based Systems at Dalberg Catalyst. She is a collaborative strategist, experienced senior manager and systems thinker with a background and deep knowledge at the nexus of food and agriculture, climate change, and ecosystem health.

Over the last 15 years, Rada has worked as a strategic advisor, colleague, and partner to stakeholders ranging from global philanthropies and development banks to tech startups, and from global food brands to smallholder farmers. At Catalyst, Rada is responsible for co-creating and accelerating transformative initiatives involving nature-based systems, including around freshwater and the nexus of water and food, energy, health and social justice in a changing climate. Immediately prior Catalyst, Rada’s worked as a senior strategist with several mission-led enterprises, including advancing electric technology to reduce the natural resource footprint of farming and transforming a food business’s ingredient sourcing toward more regenerative supply chains. As a former manager in strategy consulting with Dalberg Advisors, Rada also brings experience leading team-based problem solving for senior leaders in global development, on topics ranging widely from designing financial incentives to accelerate innovation for agricultural transformation, to unlocking investment in biodiversity-promoting businesses.

Rada holds a Master’s degree in development economics from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the University of Richmond. In her free time, Rada enjoys cooking with fresh produce from her local farmers market and learning about regional grain economies.

Rada Dogandjieva
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