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Jamie Drummond

Sharing Strategies

Jamie Drummond is a serial advocacy entrepreneur who was global strategist for Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt and co-founded and – which went on to help cancel over $100b in developing country debt and drive a deal to double smart aid for African nations along with trade and transparency improvements. He has helped drive advocacy strategies that have raised 100s of billions for global health in particularly helping ensure access to ARVs, anti-malarial medications, vaccines and other key interventions are more equitably shared in the poorest communities.

With a white label platform called “Sharing Strategies” he is currently working with major foundations, MDBs, think tanks, IOs and CSO south and north to catalyze a series of new campaigns and partnerships to “crack the crises” of covid, inequality ecology and climate and help accelerate the SDG Decade of Action and Delivery despite heavy headwinds.

Jamie Drummond
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